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Pre-Engineered Buildings

multistart peb

The Pre-Engineered Building system is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing building systems in the world. The advantages that it offers appeal to all parties involved in the project. After all, who can resist a building system that offers speed, quality and value. PEB are suitable for both industrial and commercial operations.

In addition to the lower initial cost and faster delivery, you will only have to deal with one company MULTICOLOR STEELS, for the design and fabrication of buildings.

MULTISTAR-PEB offers modern solutions to all building construction such as Ware-houses, factories, aircraft-hangars, cold-storages, workshops, sports-halls, super-markets or any high rise buildings

MULTICOLOR offers world class screwless engineered roof and wall cladding profiles for PEB to suite customer requirements.Every building from design till erection is created with satisfaction of the owners in mind.

Multi STAR PEB AdvantagesAdvantages

We welcome you to visit our model plant at Bawal, right outside New Delhi. A short tour around the plant can acquaint you with our range of latest roof and wall profiles, PEB System, Deck Floors, Sandwich Panels and other important components. This makes decision making so much easier and faster for you to choose from what suits your requirement and budget. We are confident that you will find all the right solutions for a building that works for you.

Screw Less Roof

Typical Metal Building Systems & Its Constituent Elements

Suitable for Industrial / Warehousing Buildings

Multi-star Pre-engineered buildings are designer made solution to fulfill customer needs and requirements. A classic Pre-engineered building consist of primary and secondary structures, choice of thermal and acoustic insulation, variety of Roof and Wall claddings, mezzanine floors, cranes beam and integrated accessories.

Multi-Storey Steel Building

The Multi-Storey Steel Building can be fixed with different structural accessories including mezzanine floors, canopies, fascias, interior partitions etc. This is a very versatile building system and can be finished internally to serve any required purpose and accessorized externally to achieve attractive and distinctive architectural styles. It is most suitable for any high rise building and offers numerous benefits over low-rise or conventional buildings.

Building with Cranes

Multi-star Pre-engineered building solutions are ideal for industrial buildings and manufacturing units which requires mechanism of cranes for material management. Multicolor steels can be designed to support various kind of cranes system.

Multi-Star (MS*) Primary Framing System

Multi-star Pre-engineered buildings primary structures are conventionally designed to give maximum freedom of use, excellent strength with maximum safety standard.

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