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Steel Floor

Deck Profiles

We offer a wide variety of steel deckings, used with in-situ concrete in composite floors, and has application in a wide range of buildings like mezzanine, multi-story buildings, industrial and commercial buildings etc. Composite floors are thin, lightweight, easily and quickly installed and have excellent load carrying capabilities.

Typical System Layout

'Composite deck floors' or 'composite slabs' provide an effective and economical floor slab in a range of building types. They comprise profiled steel decking, in situ-concrete and mesh reinforcement. The steel decking acts as a permanent formwork to the concrete during construction and then acts compositely with the concrete to produce a strong and stiff long span floor. Temporary propping is not required in most applications.

Load capacity

Composite deck floors are robust and achieve excellent load carrying capacity due to the shear-bond developed between the embossed decking and the concrete slab. Load capacities upto 15kN/m2 can be achieved, which can be enhanced by additional reinforcement in the slab. Light mesh reinforcement is generally used for fire resistance, and additional reinforcement required for crack control in exposed application.

Fire Resistance

Composite slabs have excellent fire resistance and can achieve upto 120minutes fire resistance with simple provision of mesh reinforcement. The exact period of fire resistance is dependent on: the slabdepth:the deck profiles;size of reinforcement and whether normal or light weight concrete is used. Longer fire resistance period can be achieved by placing additional reinforcing bars in the ribs.

Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of composite slabs with typical floor coverings is normally adequate for office or other work applications. In applications where a higher degree of acoustic insulation is required, such as apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals, additional insulation can be provided. The incorporation of resilient layers, or a concrete screed, can enable the floor to more than meet the requirements of the Buildings Regulations. Sound reduction of 62dB(airborne) and 50dB (impact) are really achievable.


Steel decking is normally galvanized with a standard G275 coating. The galvanized layer is not damaged during forming and provides suitable protection and durability for applications not subject to direct weathering, or in moderate exposure conditions. We offer special corrosion resistant 'ZAM' steel (a product of Nissan Steel, Japan) which has life of more than 3-4 times then galvanized coating.

Where the decking is used in exposed or damp conditions, additional measures should be provided to prevent corrosion, or the decking should be considered as permanent formwork only.


Using composite deck floors can lead to initial cost savings of between 7% and 12% when compared to alternative solutions.

Better value for clients is achieved through:


Significant time savings can be made due to the rapid speed of construction. Construction periods for the framework can be reduced by 50%, leading to savings of site preliminaries, and interest charges.


Foundation cost can be reduced by at least 20% because of the composite slabs light weight.


Service can be located between and through the steel beams. Openings can be provided in the slabs.


Long span solutions decrease the number of columns required, thus increasing the overall floor area which is available. Flexibility of internal layout is also greatly enhanced.


Total building height decreases by typically 5% because of the shallow floor depth, reducing the overall cladding area and therefore cost. Cladding attachments can be made easily to the slabs.


Thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistance, durabilty, benefit the whole life value of the buildings.


Composite slabs are robust to impact, and can support high loading for all applications, including industrial buildings.

In-Service Benefits

Attachments for services can be provided into which special hangers can be fitted. Cladding can also be easily attached using special edge trims. Composite floors decks are a high quality product. Together, the mesh reinforcement and decking, control shrinkage and crackings of the concrete. The possibility of using long spans gives the occupier flexibility in internal floor layout and maximizes the amount of space.


Two important aspects of sustainable constructions are reduction in raw materials use and the increase in the recycled content. Steel as material is 100% recyclable and because steel composite deck floors are light in weight, fewer raw materials are consumed. Foundations are less complex and costly. When composite slabs are compared to other forms of construction, there is less disruption to site activities, and also the amount of material wastage is significantly reduced.

More than 500,000 m2 installed all over India.

Some major prestigious projects are mentioned here:

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